5 Movie Scenes Involving Christmas Trees!: Christmas in July Blogathon 2018

Hello, friends!

Many of you should know my next Christmas in July Blogathon participant, especially if you followed my blog in the earlier months of the year during the Ultimate Decades blogathons. And if you didn’t, I’m sure you’ve seen her around. She has a life blog where she blogs about movies, books, cooking, her travels, and a multitude of other things and a photography blog called Avenue of Daydreams. She also co-hosts several podcasts, including Game Warp and Movies and Tea. I am talking about Kim from Tranquil Dreams, of course! Kim is involved with so much. I have no idea how she manages it all and stay sane! One of the things I like about this blogathon is how varied the entries are and Kim always offers some of the most unique each year. For this year, she brings us her favorite scenes involving Christmas trees. Let’s see what they are!

Christmas in July is among us. Honestly, we are Christmas crazy over at Tranquil Dreams HQ that I’ve almost expended everything I could do. What symbolizes Christmas a lot, right? Traditional Christmas films have been done to death. Then I’ve also tackled some alternate Christmas movie scenes last year. What’s left?  The original plan was characters sporting Santa hats, but then I scrapped that idea for something I personally love about the Christmas season and that is Christmas Trees!!

Here are five Christmas Tree involved movie moments!

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

A Charlie Brown Christmas had this scrawny Christmas tree that Charlie Brown picked up from the tree yard because maybe he saw something about it that reflected his feelings. It is far from perfect and made everyone call him a failure but this tree made its mark because it also brought everyone together to make it look better with some love and care.

Polar Express (2004)

The Polar Express Christmas Tree

The reason why this Polar Express tree makes it here is just because of how magical it is. I mean, Polar Express was all about believing in the Santa and the magic and visually, this Christmas tree moment honestly is so pretty as we see Santa and his reindeer just go around it and it lights up brightly.

Elf (2003)

Elf Christmas Tree

Teddy bears in Christmas trees are also so cute. I just love them. However, this Christmas tree is just filled with goodies plus it was what made Buddy fall in love with Jovie as he saw her dedication to the task in the Christmas lights. It’s one of those very awesome moments. Plus, I love Zooey Deschanel, that might also be the reason this made it on the list.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Home Alone 2 Christmas Tree

To be fair, the Rockefeller Christmas tree is part of a ton of movies. My first memory of it was in Home Alone 2 as Kevin marvels at this gigantic tree, all lit up in all its splendor.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

You've Got Mail Christmas Tree

I’m going to admit that I’m slightly lukewarm with You’ve Got Mail but this film has so many beautifully shot scene and one of my favorites is the one with Meg Ryan decorating her tree because there’s so much to love about it. The snow falling outside and the colorful ornaments just make this so fantastic to watch, not to mention the ever so lovely Meg Ryan who I happen to also love.

While this seems like all very normal choices, that’s okay. Christmas movies or even movies set in Christmas have so much to love. Christmas trees are part of some great moments and I could probably think up more but I think five selections are great.

As for my guest to invite under the mistletoe (and trust me I like dark and brooding men usually) surprising if you look at the past years’ selection, I’m going with Dominic Sherwood because I’m currently obsessed with Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments TV series and hoping the #SaveShadowhunters movement works.

Finally, thanks to Drew for hosting this Christmas in July Blogathon! It is fun as always.

And my question is to everyone, what is your favorite Christmas Tree moment?

You’re welcome, Kim! And a thanks to you for sharing this fun list of yours. Who doesn’t like the dark and broody bad boy?

Later today, Kim will return to the blogathon, but with a twist! Stop on by to see what I mean.

Until next time, cheers!


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