Christmas in July Blogathon: The Santa Clause

Here we are at the end of my Christmas in July celebration / blogathon. So far we’ve heard about It’s a Wonderful Life from Rob, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation from Natalie. Now it’s my turn, the hostess with the mostest. Let’s get started!

The Santa Clause movie posterSynopsis
Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) is a toy salesman going through a divorce and is trying to stay close to his son, Charlie (Eric Lloyd). When Santa Claus falls off Scott’s roof, he puts on Santa’s suit, reluctantly becoming the new Santa Claus.

Every Christmas holiday season, there are a few movies I make sure I watch. The Santa Clause is one of them. I am a fan of Tim Allen, but was especially so in the 90s, he was in Home Improvement, one of my favorite shows at the time, and he would eventually voice Buzz Lightyear in my one of my personal favorites, Toy Story, just a few years later. So it seems natural I would be drawn to this film. He brings the same sense of humor he gave Tim Taylor (his character in Home Improvement) to give Scott Calvin heart, creating somebody who is easily relatable. His journey from reluctant Santa to joy-bringing Santa is sure to warm anyone’s heart. The supporting cast is pretty good, too. David Krumholtz stands out in particular as the sarcastic head elf, Bernard. I also like how different aspects about Santa Claus were visualized, such as the way the bag of toys always refills itself or how Santa enters houses without a chimney. The Santa Clause is the perfect Christmas movie that does exactly what it should do: tell a feel-good story around the meaning of the holiday season.



Cast & Crew
John Pasquin – Director
Leo Benvenuti – Writer
Steve Rudnick – Writer
Michael Convertino – Composer

Tim Allen – Scott Calvin
Judge Reinhold – Dr. Neil Miller
Wendy Crewson – Laura Calvin-Miller
Eric Lloyd – Charlie Calvin
David Krumholtz – Bernard the Elf
Peter Boyle – Mr. Whittle
Judith Scott – Susan Perry
Paige Tamada – Judy the Elf
Larry Brandenburg – Detective Nunzio
Mary Gross – Miss Daniels

And with that, today’s Christmas in July festivities are concluded.  Thank you to Rob and Natalie for participating.  Have you been wondering where I have been lately?  I’ll have an announcement on what I have been up the the last few weeks soon.

9 thoughts on “Christmas in July Blogathon: The Santa Clause

  1. Yeah Drew, This movie is a must watch during Christmas. Tim Allen was so great in this movie, and I agree he definitely took some of Tim Taylor’s character over to Scott Calvin.


    • The cool thing is he brings that sense of humor to many of his roles. He his currently in Last Man Standing, a show on ABC, and is a very similar character. I enjoy his humor so much.


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  3. I totally agree with you! My wife and I didn’t watch the movie until it came out on video because we weren’t huge Tim Allen fans at the time. I was totally enchanted with this movie, right down to the little touches (“The Rose Sachac Ladder Company”!). I’m sorry they made any sequels, because this was one holiday movie that stood well on its own, and it should have remained that way. In any case, great review!


    • I wasn’t a big fan of the sequels either. I agree that it didn’t need them. The small touches were the best! I was actually going to bring up The Rose Sachac Ladder Company in the review but ended up cutting it out. Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy this film too.

      Thank you for commenting!


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